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How to Choose Correctly Antirust Agent or Antirust Oil

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Update time : 2020-07-24 15:40:46
When many people choose antirust products, they find that there are antirust agents and antirust oils. At first, they think that they are two kinds of things. They think that they are the same thing. But later it was found that although both of them had anti-rust effect and the chemical composition was basically the same, their effects were different. 
So when we choose rust-proof products, is it rust-proof agent or rust-proof oil? Let's first understand the working principle of these two rust-proof products. Both antirust agents and antirust oils form solid adsorptive films on metal surfaces, thus inhibiting the contact between oxygen and water, especially water, on metal surfaces, so that metal surfaces do not contact air and water and lead to corrosion. Lubricant antirust agent is mainly used in industrial lubricants and metal processing cooling lubricants, metal protective oil and so on.

Antirust oil has the following two characteristics:
1. Has a certain viscosity or scale, adheres to the metal surface to form a hard or soft continuous film, so as to isolate from air and water to prevent rusting of iron or non-ferrous metals.
2. All kinds of anti-rust oils belong to long-term anti-rust property. The anti-rust period can reach two to five years or so. However, when machinery is reused, the anti-rust film can be washed away at any time with kerosene or degreasing oil, which is different from the anti-rust paint for permanent anti-rust.

Selection method: In view of the above two characteristics, if the time requirement for rust prevention is relatively short, rust inhibitor can be used. If the workpiece is easy to clean after use, rust inhibitor can also be used. On the contrary, rust-proof oil can be chosen, but the price should be considered.