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How to maintain the machine in summer?

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Update time : 2020-07-24 15:53:09
Conduct a comprehensive machine inspection, maintenance, oil lubrication, cooling, ventilation, electrical cabinet dust and so on, can avoid the failure caused by high temperature weather, typhoon rainy, staff fatigue and also can avoid precision misalignment and other safety incidents, reduce the cost of loss.
1. Electric control cabinet (especially CNC, EDM) cleaning, inspection work
Clean the cabinet dust, air filter. Check fan operation is normal, to avoid the aging of electrical components, oxidation. No conditions to install air-conditioned friends in the workshop, with fans to speed up the heat.
2. All kinds of sports parts (especially machining centers) oil lubrication
CNC rail bearing load, is the basis for the accuracy of the machine. The work surface of the cooling fluid is easy to smell, easy to smell, in high temperature environment will promote rail oxidation.
3.EDM machine (electric pulse)
The most important thing to check is the temperature sensor switch is valid. Second, check the oil Tsui, the pump pressure is normal (high temperature weather can reduce volatility), cleaning tank, check the processing medium float switch, filter paper core, but also check the tank should also be cleaned pressure gauge , Float switch, temperature sensor and so on.
4.Cutting fluid conservation
Summer hot weather, the relative abundance of water in the air, which provides a good breeding ground for bacteria "rapid growth" of natural conditions.
1) Use cutting fluid with high quality and good stability.
2) The preparation of concentrated liquid with pure water, not only easy to formulate, but also to improve the lubricity of cutting fluid, and reduce the amount taken away by the chip, and to prevent bacterial erosion.
3) When used, to control the cutting fluid concentrate ratio can not be too low, otherwise easy to make bacteria grow.
4) Due to the oil contained in the machine tool contains bacteria, it is necessary to minimize the machine oil leakage into the cutting fluid.
5) Cutting fluid pH value of 8.3 to 9.2, the bacteria difficult to survive, it should be promptly added a new cutting fluid to increase the pH value.
6) Keep the cutting fluid clean, do not make the cutting fluid contact with dirt, food, tobacco and other dirt.
7) Frequent use of fungicides.
8) Keep the workshop and machine clean.
9) If there is no filter device equipment, skim the oil should be regularly removed, remove dirt.