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How to protect your hands during operating?

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Update time : 2020-07-24 16:02:38
Skin abrasions cause skin allergies
 In the process of operation, some cutting machinery will continue to rub the hands of workers, the skin damage or loss of protective skin on the skin surface. Damaged skin can be easily irritated and easily bruised. If you are injured at work, whether it is a cut or a scratch, no matter how small the wound, you should get specialized care immediately.
Waste caused by skin allergies
Scraps include scraps of metal, debris from grinding wheels, rust particles, and more. If these scraps remain on the surface of the skin or pierce the scraps of debris when cleaning the skin, it can cause chafing or irritation of the skin. In addition, debris also clogs skin pores, worsening the situation as workers sweat, causing inflammation of the hair follicles and sweat glands, forming a dermatitis called folliculitis.
It is recommended that operators clean their hands thoroughly after work is completed. Do not wash in the oil tank, do not use kerosene or white alcohol to clean the skin. These solvents, while being clean, absorb the natural protective oils on the skin's surface, making the skin dry and split, making it more susceptible to further injury.
The work clothes were wet after the oil caused skin allergies
If workers’ working clothes were wet when operating, plus sweat and smudges, may cause harm to the skin. If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of clothes is very easy to cause skin allergies, especially personal underwear should be paid more attention. Some factories do not use or use is not suitable for the oil pan, or cutting oil jet pressure is too high will cause this situation.
It is recommended that operators should minimize their exposure and maintain personal hygiene. The first line of protection is the use of protective plates to avoid being splashed with cutting oil. If the clothes polluted to a serious degree, can not be cleaned, it is best discarded, not to mix it with clean clothes.
Exposure to diluted cutting oil
Operators in the cutting process, usually come into contact with the cutting fluid after watered. However, when mixing water-soluble cutting fluid workers also have access to concentrated cutting fluid, cutting fluid concentrate before dilution is more likely to stimulate the skin. Therefore, when cutting fluid watered, special attention should be paid to protect the skin and eyes.
Workers in the machining shop, frequent access to metalworking fluids. Many cutting fluid components on the market have adverse reactions to human skin, causing skin irritation and even inflammation. Enterprises in the selection of cutting fluid should be selected safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and high-performance cutting fluid. While ensuring the quality and efficiency of processing, we must also safeguard the health of our employees and provide workers with a safe working environment