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How To Use Cutting Fluid

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Update time : 2020-07-24 15:30:43
Before use
1. Please check the water used in diluting the cutting fluid and tell us the hardness of the water used (calcium, magnesium ion content, PPM). Do not use reclaimed water, recycled water or softened water. Please use tap water and pure water. If you can not judge, please send water samples to our engineer. 
2. Please let us know the material, cutting tool, processing method and circulating filtration method of cutting fluid you want to process, so that we can choose the most suitable product for you. 
3. Please do germicidal cleaning when changing the cutting fluid.Please add bactericidal additives to the old working fluid 2 hours before cleaning (without shutdown) and run for 2 hours, then you can remove the waste liquid and add fresh working fluid. 
4. When cleaning the machine tools, do not use clean water or washing powder solution to recycle cleaning, because it is easy to cause equipment embroidery and foam problems. Circulating cleaning can be done with low concentration working fluid or special cleaning fluid for machine tools.
1. Please check the oil leakage of the equipment frequently and remove the waste oil on the surface of the working fluid, the guide oil in the equipment and the large amount of hydraulic oil leaking into the working fluid will cause material corrosion and bacteria. 
2. Please test the PH and concentration of working fluid twice a day. If the PH value and concentration fluctuate too much, it will easily lead to bacterial reproduction and shorten the service life of cutting fluid. Stable PH value and concentration can prolong the service life of cutting fluid. 
3. Do not add water or concentrate directly to the tank. Direct addition will lead to low or high local concentration of working fluid, which will cause equipment corrosion, bacteria and allergies. If you want to add, please dilute the concentrate and add it again. The general concentration of the concentrate is 2/3 of the concentration used (for example, 5% of the concentration used, 3% of the concentration added). It is recommended that the customer set up a water tank to uniformly distribute and add the concentrate. 
4. If the equipment needs to be repaired or shut down for a long time, please do a good job of working fluid maintenance. In the long downtime environment, the working fluid is in a static hypoxic state, at which time anaerobic bacteria are very active. In order to inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria, please circulate the working fluid three times a day during shutdown, 30 minutes each time. If it can not be recycled, it can be bubbled by placing compressed air tube or by using aquarium oxygen intensifier. Either way, the aim is to make the working fluid as oxygen-rich as possible. 
5. Please do a good job in the monitoring of cutting fluids. It is suggested that a cutting fluids monitoring table should be set up next to each equipment, and the data measured every day should be truthfully reflected on it. If the cutting fluid tends to deteriorate, please inform Fangchuan's engineer immediately and maintain it under the guidance of the engineer.
After use
When the cutting fluid has reached the prescribed service life, please send us the working fluid. We will test the working fluid in detail. After the test results come out, we will give you a treatment plan.