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Lubricant additive knowledge

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Update time : 2020-07-24 15:28:16
Industrial lubricant additives are widely used in our production and life, so for such a diversified market situation, there are many series of products in the specific use.

Clean dispersant. For the practical application of industrial lubricant additives, we need to carry out the corresponding technology development according to the actual needs of the market, so its series of classification products are aimed at those adsorption processes that need to carry out oxidation products. It has been developed and promoted to meet the needs of production and processing of products with anti-corrosion properties, and thus has played a significant role in practical applications.

The other type is an antioxidant preservative. This product can know its "features" from the name, so in the relevant fields of use, such products also give full play to its superior value. The use of anti-oxidant anti-corrosion agent series of industrial lubricant additives makes the related products more resistant to corrosion and oxidation during use, so that our use has more reliable guarantee.