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Oil Film Rust Oil Three Major Principles

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Update time : 2020-07-24 16:07:48
Oil film rust oil varieties is more complicated, the selection has three principle:
1, By metal species, different oil film anti-rust oil on different metal anti-rust effect is different, and some good effect on the black metal rust, but the general effect of copper, these are often oil film anti-rust oil product description Information will be explained, should pay attention to choose. 
2, According to the structure and size of metal products, the structure is simple and the surface area of the large choice of solvent dilution or grease, and complex structure with holes or cavity of the oil type is better, because the rust should also consider the unsealed film removable. 
3, Aaccording to the metal products in the environment and use, distinguish between short-term rust-proof process, or long-term rust with short-term lubrication, is the long-term storage of moisture rust rust, or may be stored in coastal warehouses or even Sea transport for a certain period of time therefore better salt spray resistance. When used in this area must be targeted. 
Of course, the first choice is the quality oil film antirust oil. As oil film antirust oil is currently in small amount in our country, a lot of rust-proof grease for the production of small local factories and even user-made, but some of the major domestic anti-rust additive quality is not stable enough or oil-soluble, so the first visual observation before use Appearance, color and whether the stratification or uneven, compared with the previous batch. If the visual difference between the appearance of several batches of large, should have their doubts on the quality of the large amount of anti-rust oil users should be equipped with wet box test equipment, anti-rust oil film rust proof.