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The difference between fully synthetic cutting fluid and semi-synthetic cutting fluid

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Update time : 2020-09-11 09:58:48
Fully synthetic cutting fluids and semi-synthetic cutting fluids are water-soluble cutting fluids, each with advantages and disadvantages:
1. Fully synthetic cutting fluid, no base oil, long service life, transparent diluent, cleaning performance, cooling performance, stability performance, excellent resistance to hard water, relatively clean working environment; relatively poor lubrication performance. Suitable for a variety of grinding processes, as well as light and medium load cutting.
2. Semi-synthetic cutting fluid, containing base oil, the service period is relatively short, the dilution liquid is translucent milky white, its anti-rust performance and lubricating performance are excellent; the cooling performance and the use environment are relatively dirty (mineral-containing oil factor). Suitable for light, medium and heavy duty processing.
Summary, usage issues:
(1) Short-term dosing consumption, dilute the dilution of the equivalent concentration (refractometer reading), consume more synthetic concentrate than semi-synthetic, because the composition of the concentrate is different.
(2) Long-term use: because the whole synthesis does not contain base oil, it is not easy to produce bacteria and smell, and the dilution of the same concentration of the machine is used in a relatively clean and non-polluted period (12-24 months). And semi-synthetic, containing base oil, the use period is relatively short (6-12 months), once the corruption must be thoroughly cleaned to replace the new liquid. Taken together, each has its own advantages. From the overall processing environment, it is recommended to use full synthesis.