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Three principles of selecting oil film anti rust oil—choose our best anti rust oil

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Update time : 2020-09-04 10:26:42
1. According to the type of metal, different oil film metal rust inhibitor has different antirust effect on different metal materials. Some of them have good antirust effect on ferrous metal, but they have general effect on copper. These are often explained in the product description materials of oil film anti rust oil and should be selected carefully.
2. According to the structure and size of metal products, solvent dilution type or grease type can be selected for those with simple structure and large surface area, while the oil type with complex structure and pore or inner cavity is better, because it is also necessary to consider the removal of antirust film when unsealing.
3. According to the environment and use of metal products, we can distinguish whether it is a short-term process rust prevention, or a long-term rust prevention with short-term lubrication, a long-term storage antirust in a humid environment, or it may be stored in coastal warehouses or even transported by sea for a certain period of time, so it has better salt spray resistance. The selection should be targeted in this respect.
Of course, the first choice of reliable quality oil film anti rust oil. Since the amount of oil film anti rust oil is not large in China, many antirust oils are produced by local small factories or even self-made by users. At present, the quality of some major domestic anti rust additives is not stable or the oil solubility is not good. Therefore, before using, the oil film anti rust oil for metal should be visually inspected and compared with the previous batches in terms of appearance, color, layering or non-uniformity. If there is a big difference in the appearance of several batches by visual inspection, the quality of the products should be doubted. For users who use a large amount of antirust oil, they should be equipped with wet box test equipment to verify the rust protection effect of oil film anti rust oil.