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Ways To Improve Lubricating Oil Viscosity

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Update time : 2020-07-24 10:46:34
Viscosity is an important index to measure the quality of lubricating oil. Viscosity usually refers to the viscosity of lubricating oil at a certain concentration and temperature. So how to improve the viscosity of lubricating oil? Next, I'll show you about it.

1. Lubricating oil has a certain molecular weight and a certain viscosity at a certain concentration, but it is generally impossible to improve the viscosity of the produced lubricating oil. At this time, cross-linking agent can be added to make it partially branched or cross-linked, and its hydrodynamics can be changed to increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil.
2. In order to effectively improve the viscosity of lubricating oil, the more direct way is to improve the degree of polymer and increase its molecular weight.
3. Adding plasticizer and nucleating agent when lubricating oil crystallizes can improve the crystallinity of lubricating oil and the viscosity of products.

In a word, if the viscosity of lubricating oil is increased, its quality will be improved relatively, but it should be noted that the viscosity is very helpful for our use in many cases. If there is no viscosity, it will be no different from water, and it will not play any role for us. Therefore, we must find the right boosting moisturizer. Method of lubricating oil viscosity.