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What are the technical requirements for industrial cleaners?

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Update time : 2020-07-24 15:23:10
Chemical agents used for cleaning industrial dirt should generally meet the following technical requirements. Cleaning agents used for different cleaning purposes and cleaning objects can be emphasized or chosen for these requirements.
(1) Clean dirt quickly and dissolve dirt thoroughly. The cleaning agent itself has a strong ability to react, disperse or dissolve and remove dirt. It can remove dirt more thoroughly within a limited period of time.
(2) Damage to cleaning objects should be within the limits of production permits, and corrosive measures should be taken to prevent possible corrosion of metals.
(3) The cleaning agent is cheap and easy to obtain, and based on localization; the cleaning cost is low, and does not cause excessive resource consumption.
(4) Waste gases, liquids and residues generated by cleaning agents that are non-toxic or low toxic to organisms and the environment should be able to be treated to meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations.
(5) The cleaning conditions are mild and do not depend on the strengthening conditions of the attachment port as far as possible, such as temperature, pressure, mechanical energy and so on.
(6) The cleaning process does not produce insoluble substances on the surface of the cleaning object, no new fouling, no new covering layer harmful to the follow-up process, and does not affect the quality of the product.
(7) no foam or odour that will affect the cleaning process and hygiene at the scene.