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Rolitom Lubricant Technology Co., Limited was established in 2005. We are a rapidly growing enterprise who manufactures and sells industrial lubricants included metalworking fluids, lubricant additives, water based release agent, rust preventive oil and etc. Our products have more than 20 years of application experience in mobile communication, digital 3C, automobile, refrigerator, household appliances and other parts processing, and have been widely verified by the market.
We also provide customers with the best application products and more thoughtful professional services, and constantly advanced technology to lead the global. Our products have passed CTI, SGS, RoHS certification and ISO9001 quality system. What is more, our quality standard is higher than the industry standard and enterprise standard. 
We always implement excellent lubrication and environmentally friendly technology for environmental protection. By integrating modern advanced technology and global raw materials resources, we innovate and improve our product systems constantly. With advanced technology, excellent quality and the tireless efforts in environmental protection, Rolitom is a leader in the development of lubricant and has become a pioneer of water-based lubrication technology in China!